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Advanced Imaging and Microscopy Core

Filed in AIM, Labs by on June 10, 2013

core-aimNorth Dakota State University Advanced Imaging and Microscopy Core Laboratory (AIM Lab) is established as a core facility that serves a wide range of faculty, students and researchers at NDSU along with their collaborators from outside of the University.

The AIM Lab mission is to provide cutting edge technologies for research and teaching involving bioscience and material microscopy, imaging and image analyses at NDSU campus and beyond. AIM Lab support to the NDSU community extends to specific training and support in microscopy techniques, sample preparation, data analyses, and microscopy related manuscript and grant proposal preparation.

To date, the facility has provided hands-on research training and teaching opportunities for faculty, students, staff, and post-doctoral researchers in diverse areas of basic and applied science including infectious diseases of plants and animals, plant breeding, reproductive physiology, animal nutrition, meat science, cell biology, microbiology, pharmacology, cereal and food science, and polymers and coatings.